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the Psyside project, jean philippe Bord (drummer) & Jean Luc Silvestre (trance lover), was born in Paris in 1998 with the wish to create another trance style, a kind of mix of various trippy sounds, ethereal voices, hypnotic phases and crazy percussion. Maybe their “full PsyMental touch »… 😉

The first Psyside Live in France at the end of 1999 was followed by a few others in 2000 until Jorg from Shiva Space discovered their music and signed several tracks on his label. Then, the “killer track” Virtual Reality was released on Turbo Trance Rec.
After that, the band continued to play live in Portugal and Greece , where the label Acidance proposed them to produce their « First Contact » psychedelic album in 2001.

Thanks to a good feedback, they travelled and played all around the world with several parties in Japan , where they finally signed their second album « Turbulences » on a new Japanese label in 2003. During these years they shared parties with different talented artists among them :
Total Eclipse, Bamboo forest, Psychaos, Antidote , Neuromotor, Nomad, Suria , Silicon Sound, Hyper frequencies, Wizzy noise, Domestic, Penta, Space tribe, GMS, digital talk, GOW, Skazi, Sub6…

They came back in 2006 with dj TOLTEK on French label Morphonic Records, for a new chapter of their trilogy, « Anomaly in your brain?”, more “night dance floor » oriented, with a few collaboration tracks.


1997年、パリにてJean Phillipe BordとJean Luc Silvestre 率いる二人組のプロジェクト PsySide が結成。 彼らは新たなトランスミュージックを求め、よりトリッピーで、幻想的なボーカル、ドラムビートを使った音で、多くのオーディエンスを夢幻の世界へと導き、FLOORを未知なる次元へと誘っていく…
そんな彼等とステージを共にシェアしてきた偉大なる ARTIST達は、数え切れないほどであり、いまなお増えつつ »けている。
2003年にはDJ TOLTEK (Loup Cattalano)がライブに加わり、アルバム「Turbulences」をリリース。
2005年、独自のレーベルMorphonic Recordsを結成。 そして今!PSYSIDE 再結成後初 !となる待望の3rdアルバム‘Anomaly in your brain ? ’は、2006.6.19 にRelease だ。
新たに EVOLVE を遂げる彼らの天才的サウンドの行方は、果てしなき境地へと今なお突き進む・・・!!