RELEASE DATE : 21 January 2011


Biokinetix is the psytrance project of Fabrice Leborgne from France.
After some releases on digital and CD compilations in the past two years, his full album is finally landing on Morphonic records!
With his energetic music style, the performances of Biokinetix had already acquired a strong popularity on many countries in Europe including Russia, Portugal, Italy or France.
This album is a new step up for Biokinetix, confirming his name as a reference for crazy dancing nights, creating hysteria among the psytrance floors worldwide!
This album presents his vision of the current century…Heavy, full of energy and high-tech sounds, but with also a touch of humour,
Including refined production tricks, smashing breaks and driving basslines, this album features also some successful collaborations with artists like Mesmerizer, DSP, Beatrave, including an aerial last track with LDB from Secret Vibes. All tracks were then sublimed by the mastering from XSI
The 21st century must surely counting with the name of Biokinetix!


CD Track List:

Track Title

01 Action Reaction Play
02 Free Forces (Vs Mesmerizer) Play
03 Space Chimps TV Play
04 Escape From Samsara Play
05 Mad Fingers (Vs Mesmerizer) Play
06 Twister (Vs Serotonik) Play
07 Fuck me I’m Furious (vs Beatrave vs Subkortex) Play
08 Galactik Riders Play
09 Fade to Gray – Rmx Play
10 Electric Forest (Vs LDB) Play
Label: Morphonic Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 5060147126020
Release Date: 2011-01-21
Catalogue Number: MPH112CD