Coming from an alternative rock background, as a songwriter and guitarist in several bands, Sara Atarchi, more know as Yumi Mononoke, soon gave into the attraction of electronic music, Psy-trance specifically in the year 2008.

She got immediately fascinated by the culture of psychedelic trance,her first dj ig skyrocketed with the amount of encore and applause, in turn motivating her further into continuously blowing listeners minds and making her mark in the Psychedelic Trance scene.

Now she produce & provides us with some groovy night time psychedelic around 148-152 bpm.

Influences :

  • Bom Shanka Music
  • Looney Moon Records
  • World People Production
  • Sangoma Records
  • Digital Shamans Records
  • Spontaneous Aerobics
  • Bhooteshwara Records
  • Woo-Dog Recordings
  • Macky Mad House Productions
  • Purple Hexagon Records
  • Forestdelic Records
  • Under Voice Records
  • Namaste’ Records
  • Pixan Recordings
  • Peak Records
  • Believe Lab
  • Green Wizards Records
  • Digital Om Productions