Toltek is a French DJ based in Paris.
Beside playing DJ sets from Paris to Thailand – Fullmoon and jungle parties – he has collaborated with Psyside for the last performances around the world and for the last album « Anomaly in your Brain? ».

He’s also working now on his own project, Huicholity, more «morning » and « Goa » influenced…

In 2005 He started the new french label Morphonic Records, with the 3rd Psyside album as the first release (released on 19th of June 2006).
His first compilation named « PSYCHOFLUID » was released in April 2007, containing Full on Morning tracks from artists like Audiotec, Rumble Pack, Lamat, Life Extension, Shagma …
He also collaborated with Life Extension on the « Connexion » track of the new album « Side Effect »

A new « Psychofluid 2 » compilation has been released end of 2007 in Japan and beginning of 2008 in rest of the world.
After a year playing a lot in Japan in 2007-2008, Toltek has came back toFrance and finished his new compilation « Psychofluid3 » released in 2009. All infos about Psychofluid3 here
In 2012, Toltek played at several parties including Zagoa Festival in Morroco and Nova’s Incident festival in Belgium.
Toltek continued to play several parties in France including several parties for the main promoter in Paris, GAIA Concept.